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Providence Pediatric Medical DayCare, IncMany professionals will tell you that there has been a lot of growth and improvement in understanding the special needs of children. Along with understanding come new techniques and methods, to assist children developmentally, physically, socially and academically. Pediatric medical daycare is equipped to make advances to keep current with new developments in this area. Therefore, this affords the special needs children a better opportunity to reach their potential.

But there are still many gaps and shortcomings in the world of children with special needs that need to be addressed. One of the most obvious is daycare. Most parents would rather keep their children at home all day, but the pressures of life (work, career and other obligations) often makes daycare necessary. On top of that, a growing body of research indicates that daycare is a healthy and advantageous step for many children, with academic and social benefits that last for many years.

That said, there are still relatively few daycare centers with expertise in special needs, and parents often have a hard time making sense of their options. Will this daycare center have the support necessary to create a positive and constructive daily experience for your child? This is an important question, and it’s important to find a clear answer before you decide on a daycare center.

For these very reasons, children’s medical daycare is an option that parents with special needs children should know about. This is a type of daycare that offers a level of support and special needs expertise that is head and shoulders above ordinary daycares. The first thing parents will notice is that the staff of pediatric medical day care’s have academic training and field experience in various special needs disciplines. Assistive learning technology is also stressed, and lower staff-to-child ratios mean that each child receives more individualized attention.

Beyond this, children’s medical daycare provides unique logistical benefits to families, including trained pediatric nurses and a nutritional specialist on staff, to make sure that the unique medical and dietary needs of each child are fully met. There are also a number of specific medical capabilities, including vent programs, NICU admit programs, tube feedings, apnea monitoring, cardiac abnormalities, shunts, Diabetes, Seizures, physical and speech therapy, occupational therapy, pre-transplant (and follow-up) care, social services, multi-lingual staff, and so on. The reason why children’s medical daycare is such a vital and exciting daycare upgrade is that it goes above and beyond expectations to provide a daycare service that is highly professional in every way, but also very warm and supportive.

Pediatric medical daycare is comprehensive care by a diversified team that meet on a regular basis to create goals and a course of action for each child. Parents are included in these meetings. Therapists often invite parents in to discuss new equipment and exercises to perform at home with their child. Medical daycare encompasses the well-being of each child whether the child’s special needs are medical, therapeutic, academic and behavioral (or a combination). Our skilled staff include: Pediatric Nurses, Social Worker, Dietician, Pharmacist, PT/OT/ST Therapists, Teacher and Child Care Aides.

Where to look for special needs daycare
Children’s medical daycare is a relatively new form of daycare, and for that reason, it’s possible that such a facility doesn’t yet exist in your area. If this is the case, you can at least look for daycare centers that exhibit some of the same qualities, and are dedicated to delivering a higher standard of daycare to children with special needs and their families. It may require some research to find the very best daycare option for your child with special needs, but when you start to learn how good daycare can actually be, nothing could be more worthwhile.

Providence Pediatric Medical Daycare (PPMD) is a loving, caring environment for children with special medical needs in South Jersey, caring for medically fragile children from birth to 5 years old. PPMD has daycare facilities located throughout Southern New Jersey, in Camden, West Berlin and Atlantic City.

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