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Providence Pediatric Medical DayCare, IncFor many parents today, daycare is a reality of life. The question is, how good and how constructive can daycare actually be? Is it simply a place for kids to socialize and be kept safe, or is it a golden opportunity for learning and growth? Increasingly, people realizing that it’s possible to achieve more with daycare. Stronger levels of support, education and encouragement are available at this level, and the benefits can be far-reaching. Recent studies have shown that quality daycare can benefit children all the way through high school.

Of course, this depends entirely on the quality of the daycare experience. A lot of parents are on the lookout for a new and better daycare experience. Here are 4 common reasons why a lot of families switch to a new daycare center.

1. The staff-to-child ratio is too high
The staff-to-child ration is an important indicator of the level of service you can expect from a daycare center. Specifically, it speaks to the amount of individualized attention your child will receive on a day-to-day basis. A very good ratio would be one staff member for every three children, and some of the most reputable daycare centers maintain this ratio. But when the number of children-per-adult is doubled or tripled, it becomes obvious that your child will receive a lower level of personalized attention and learning.

2. Support for special needs is lacking
Children, like adults, have a wide range of abilities and learning styles. A constructive and modern daycare center will exhibit a depth of knowledge in the areas of assistive learning and developmental support. This usually involves higher qualifications among the staff in areas like Early Child Education and Psychology. The dedication to helping children of all needs to thrive is a big differentiator between daycare centers, and parents are increasingly aware of this.

3. There is no logistical support
It’s a busy time to have a family, and work-life balance can be challenging for a lot of parents. For a growing number of families, the idea of a “bare bones” daycare center just doesn’t cut it. There is a definite and growing need for logistical support from daycare centers – most notably in the area of transportation and dietary/medical needs. The challenge for daycare centers is providing a level of support in these areas that is absolutely professional and trustworthy.

4. Children’s Medical Daycare may be the solution you’re waiting for
Children’s Medical Daycare raises the bar on daycare in most of the days discussed above. There are dieticians and nurses on staff. There is a focus on inclusion and dedicated assistive learning in many different areas. There are robust transportation services available, with professional supervision apart from the driver. Physical, occupational, and speech therapy are available for all children. The array of services is custom-tailored to provide a higher level of daycare for today’s family. Most of all, it’s about the kids, and giving them all of the tools and support they need in order to grow, thrive, and be happy at this critical early age.

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