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Providence Pediatric Medical DayCare, Inc

How Children’s Medical Daycare Can Help Newborns

When a brand new baby enters the world, it’s among the happiest moments in a parent’s life. In fact, many people describe it as the single greatest moment in their

Providence Pediatric Medical DayCare, Inc

What’s The Best Staff-To-Child Ratio For Daycare?

If you’re like most parents, you pay extra attention to all the new information that’s coming out about keeping your kids healthy. Obviously there are important things like nutrition, medical

Providence Pediatric Medical DayCare, Inc

Does Your Daycare Center Know How To Deal With Asthma?

Statistics commonly indicate that nearly 10% of all American children have asthma, or some kind of asthmatic symptoms. It’s a hugely prevalent condition — and you would think that schools

Providence Pediatric Medical DayCare, Inc

What Is Your Child’s Daycare Experience?

Every parent knows that children have their own ways of communicating. It’s not always clear exactly what a child is feeling, or what she needs. As they get older, children

Providence Pediatric Medical DayCare, Inc

Are Personal Visits Important Before Choosing A Daycare Facility?

Parents who have been through the process of choosing a daycare center may be adamant about recommending certain centers to you, or telling you to avoid others. The truth is,

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